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***Registration is Open for Rec ages U5, U6, U7, and U8, and for county boys ages U8, U9, U12 and U13***
**ATTENTION**:  PLEASE READ COMPLETELY.  If you are registering for the first time since before Fall 2012, please register as "New".  ASA converted to the Demosphere system in Fall 2012 and records prior to that were not carried forward.  If you have a player who played during or since Fall 2012, your account remains active.
    If you are registering for the Rec/Development Program, please note that players are automatically placed into age groups according to US Soccer youth age group guidelines as shown here.  If you wish to have a player play in a different age group, please REGISTER, make a note in special request, and then email registrar@arundelsoccer.com to have the adjustment made.
The Rec age groups are:  Mini-Strikers: U4+, Clinic: U5/U6,  Juniors U7/U8, Seniors U9/U10

    If your players are in ages U8, U9 or U10 and previously played in the Rec/Development program, there are excellent opportunities waiting for you for teams that play in the Anne Arundel County league.  If your player is U8, the opportunities also include pre-travel soccer teams for players showing significant potential and love of the game. Please see the ASA list of league teams and register for the county option. We will help you with the rest once registered.

    The cost for this Spring season for all players is $95 per player.  All registrations receive an automatic $10 bonus if registered before the end of early registration, so the effective cost is $85.  Rec registrations include a uniform you keep.  County players must purchase a uniform through the team, which the player will keep and use for future seasons.  There are no other fees of any kind.
    If you are registering for the Grassroots program, it is only available as an addition to league play on a team in any other program (Rec/County/Travel).  Players may not register for just Grassroots.  Cost is $120 for the professional sessions, which are run on Fridays and do not interfere with team activities.  Players must also have at least 2 seasons of soccer experience and be in soccer ages of U6 to U11.  Players will be broken into sessions by both age AND ability level, with ability level as priority.  See the Grassroots - Game Intelligence section under the PROGRAMS tab.
    If you are signing up for Rec/Development, County League or Camp programs, we do collect information needed to help us contact you and place the players appropriately.  Please make sure to look for and answer the following questions during the few steps it takes to sign-up:
Is the player a returning player?
Do you have a special request if in the Rec program?  We want to make things easy for you if we can!
Are you a parent volunteer? (No volunteering or fees are ever required.  We need help always, but you have freedom of choice)  Coaching and Assistant coachign is always appreciated and supported.  See the COACHING for information on the requirements and support we give to you.  Please see the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES section for our current needs.
Are you making a donation?  (No donations are ever required)
If you are a Juniors or Seniors group player, are you considering transition into league teams?
What is your childs general play level appropriate for their age? (New, Intermediate, Skilled)

                                    Thank you for taking the time to complete the information and for joining Arundel Soccer!

In order to complete Online Registration you must
use a credit card, either Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

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