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General Scholarships
Playing AAU basketball is an activity that may strain the budgets of many families.  Our policy is that no player should be turned away becuase of a family’s inability to pay her team fees.  If you are interested in making a general donation it will be used help any player in the club with financial needs and/or to assist with the funding for other general club programs.  

Team Donations
Also, many of our teams travel to tournament out-of-town for which additional fund are required to cover coaches’ costs and other fees.  Specifically, for our teams attending Nationals or other Summer events, the cost of player and parent travel and lodging as well as coaches’ expense can be sigificant.  

So we also accept donations designated to a specific team.  If that is your intent, please note in the provided entry field what team that should receive your donation -- e.g.,  11U Black, Coach Reed’s team, player Emily Smith’s team, etc.

Contributions Are Tax Deductible
Matrix Basketball, Inc. is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  As such, any contribution made to the Matrix organization is tax deductible. 

For additional questions, please e-mail Jim Butler, Matrix Treasurer, at


Enter donation designation here (e.g., team name, coach name, player name (to identify a team)) if you want to designate your donation to a particular team.
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