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The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is the successor to the Men’s Premier Soccer League (MPSL), which was formed in 2002.   The league started in the West Region with teams from the Northern California area.  In 2005 the league expanded to a national format with the introduction of a Midwest region.  The NPSL expanded further in 2007 by adding a Northeastern region.  In 2011, with the addition of a Southeastern region, the National Premier Soccer League has truly become a nationwide league.  In 2014, NPSL became the largest national soccer league in the US Soccer development pyramid with over 80 teams all over the country.  Over 30 expansion teams joined the NPSL for the 2014 season. 

The NPSL is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the governing body of soccer in the United States. The NPSL operates and is managed as a team-run league. The structure of the league allows each team to have one vote.  Each team is individually owned and operated, and is responsible for maintaining league minimum standards.  New teams seeking membership into the NPSL are subject to approval by existing team owners.

NPSL Philosophy: We compete for 90 minutes on the field, we are business partners...always. We all work together to grow the game, build the NPSL and develop our respective clubs.

NPSL Mission: To grow the sport of soccer in the  United States of America;  by providing our members with a  sustainable business model and  professionally managed soccer platform to serve as an inspiration to players and  soccer fans in our members’ communities

NPSL Vision:  To be the foundation of the  US Soccer development  pyramid with over 100  profitable teams in 100 communities;  in turn, doing our part to help the  US become a soccer nation and  win a World Cup!


NPSL Executive Board and Staff

Chairman of the Board, Joe Barone (Brooklyn Italians)     

Director of Operations and Asst. Treasurer (New York AC)

Secretary, Kenny Farrell (New Orleans Jesters)                

Treasurer, Barry Dixon (Jacksonville)                                ,

Club Services Executive, Robin Shacket                           

Registration Manager, Marian Gandara                             

Media and Public Relations, Gary Moody                          


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