Men's & Women's Amateur Division
USASA National Cup Finals Lowdown!

August 9, 2007

Men’s Final

Boston Olympiakos (MA) blanked A.A.C. Eagles (IL) 2-0, and were crowned Champions of the Men’s Amateur Cup.

The successful win was made possible due to a stingy Olympiakos defensive. The Eagles reputation for being a tough offensive team was soon a distant memory. The Eagles, who earned a   USASA Championship title back in 2002, tried to amount a comeback in the second half but just couldn’t find the back of the net.

The first half opened up with a beautiful goal that was set up by midfielder Alfaro. That gave Olympiakos a 1-0 lead in the 23rd minute.

Alfaro, being unstoppable, followed up with another goal to seal the victory for Olympiakos in the 73rd minute.

Olympiakos made it to the finals after defeating Hot Spurs (CAL-S) 5-1 in semi-finals action.

A last minute surge from the Florida Kickers was not enough to get them in to the finals, A.A.C. Eagles (IL) advanced with a 2-1 victory.

Women’s Results

The NY Athletic Club (ENY) claimed the Amateur Cup with a 4-2 win over Triad United Aces (NC) on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

Teams boasted a competitive first half. NY Athletic opened up the scoring in the 12th minute after Kimberly Boulos fired a perfect strike past the Triad keeper. Alisha Moran doubled-up the lead with a goal in the 15th minute.

Clear short passes between The NY Athletic Club contributed to triple the score, after Mindy Hartkopf played the ball across the penalty box in the 22nd minute to an on rushing player.

The Triad United Aces, in trying to play catch-up with NY, scored its first goal when Jennifer Kennedy hit a strike from 20 yards out in the 28th minute. The North Carolina team tried to mount a come back in the first half before the whistle but to no avail.

NY Athletic Club struck again before the half on a beautiful goal from Magdalena Tomecka in the 42nd minute to secure a 4-1 halftime lead over Triad United Aces.

Right off the kick off, Triad United Aces got on the score board, when Amy Carnell dribbled past two defender and hit a strike in the 46th minute to inch closer to NY Athletic Club.

Triad United Aces attempted to recover from 4 first half goals, it fell short and cost them the Championship.